Mortgage Expert Witness Considerations: Litigation Related to a Mortgage

We’ll need expert testimony on two of these points.” In planning litigation strategy, you may identify the need for a mortgage* expert witness.

Careful selection of a qualified expert may assist the triers of fact and the parties to the litigation in resolving disputed matters.  Among other factors, one could consider:

  • Some of the more common areas of mortgage related litigation and the specific area for your case
  • Different “types” of mortgage expert witnesses
  • Areas in which the mortgage expert witness or loan servicing expert witness may provide consultation or testimony

This guide will assist you in better understanding possible choices for expert retention.  If you would like a .PDF copy of the complete guide, you can download it here or by clicking the PDF icon in the right hand column.

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* Although the term “mortgage” is used, the article relates primarily to real estate loans that are evidenced by promissory notes, and are secured by deeds of trust.

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